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Year: 2011
Who Needs Congress, Not Obama

In 2012 Obama will push on without Congress. That is a shock. Considering that the Congressional approval rating is hovering around 11% this would make political sense. But bypassing Congress is just the way Obama likes it anyway.

1932 and 2012, Worlds In Crisis

In this very good piece in Britain’s The Daily Mail a comparison between 1932 Europe and 2012 Europe is made. As during the Great Depression many Europeans are now quickly losing faith in their governmental institutions. The EU is a...

Hollywood Will Kill the Internet If It Can

For those who don’t know, SOPA or the “Stop Online Piracy Act” currently in the Judiciary Committee will end a free Internet. I am not kidding.  All because a bloated, outdated Hollywood can’t compete.

MF Global Chief Also EPA Advisor

The guy who has literally sworn that he has “no idea” where the $1.2 billion in MF Global funds went to continues to officially advise the EPA on its finances. And guess what? He’s also from Goldman Sachs.

The Establishment Won’t Go Quietly

The world is moving quickly. Europe is crumbling, Ron Paul is leading in Iowa. The SOPA fight for the future of the internet is being fought on Capitol Hill. The National Defense Authorization Act (which authorizes the indefinite detention of US...

New EU Leaders Largely Goldman Alums

Mario Monti, the new prime minister of Italy, Lucas Papademos, new prime minister of Greece, and Mario Draghi, new head of the European Central Bank, and arguably  the single most powerful person in Europe, all have this in common: they...

Ron Paul Scares the Media, GOP, Dems

I have never seen anything like the attacks that Ron Paul is sustaining now, never. As a front runner attacks are to be expected, but Ron Paul has taken fire from all angles. From Rachael Maddow to Bill O’Reilly, from...

Mayor Bloomberg’s Legal Corrupt Practices

According to the New York Times story below, Mayor Bloomberg during his re-election campaign gave $1.2 million to the Independence Party, which was supposed to be spent on “poll watching”. Most of this money was intended for a Bloomberg operative,...

GOP “Spreads the Wealth” Via “Defense”

This is no revelation, nor is it the only vehicle for the GOP. However, the military is the preferred method for Republicans to move taxpayer money to those they favor. The whole system coincides with the natural Republican disposition toward...

Crony Capitalism? Thanks, Big Government

“What leads anyone to believe that unconstrained power can be channeled in ways that don’t favor the politically connected?”- Bill Freeza Another good one from Bill Freeza on crony capitalism.

What Caused the Crash of 2008?

The article below says that Romney and Gingrich are wrong to pin the blame on government housing policies. It implies that the real blame lay with corporate “greed.”