Corzine to Treasury? Goldman wins again

A Photo of Barack Obama Next to Jon Corzine, Both Looking Very Chummy

So word on the street is that when Geithner leaves, Jon Corzine will step in at Treasury.

Seems to make sense. Corzine is a former CEO of Goldman Sachs and with Larry Summers back in Boston someone needs to wave the flag for Goldman at the highest levels of government. Goldman wasn’t Obama’s second biggest contributor for nothing after all.

Perhaps it is unfair to give Corzine a hard time. Officially he says he has no intention of joining Treasury. But just in case it might be wise for us to catalog some of Goldman’s alums who are, or have been closely affiliated with Obama.

  • Larry Summers – Chief Economic Advisor (former)
  • Gary Genslar – Commodity Futures Trading Head
  • Rahm Emanuel
  • Stephen Friedman – Chair of Foreign Intel Advisory Board
  • Neel Kashkari – TARP Oversight (Though appointed by Hank Paulson the Treasury Sec. under Bush. Interestingly Paulson is also a former Goldman Sachs CEO)
  • Diana Farrell – Deputy Director of the National Economic Council

And the list goes on…

For more on Corzine and his potential jump to Treasury click HERE.

Nick Sorrentino 8-11-2011