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Month: September 2011
Feds Come After Gibson Again

The government says that Gibson is in violation of the Lacey Act which bans the importation of goods that violate the laws of the country a good is “created in.” In India apparently the exportation of unfinished guitar parts is...

Food Mussolini @ the UN

I like healthy foods. I try to eat them when I can. I eat salads now a lot and I eat almost no processed meat. I watch the fat and sodium. But Mayor Bloomberg would like to make sure that low-fat, low-sodium,...

Inviting the Unemployed To Sue

We define crony capitalism as special deals and arrangements between the government and special interests of all kinds, including businesses, but also labor unions and trial lawyers and many others.

Should Govt Order Businesses to Hire?

Lawrence Kotlikoff is a smart economist who sometimes has useful as well as creative ideas. But his notion of government intervening even more deeply in the economy by compelling businesses to step up hiring  and investing gets it dreadfully wrong.

Ford Pulls Ad Under Obama Pressure

As reported days ago Ford is no bailout angel. It got some significant help from the Feds during the darkest days (to date) of the economic crisis. But it wasn’t nationalized like GM and Chrysler essentially were.

81% Say Government Poorly Run

More people are unhappy with how the country is being governed than during Watergate. 92% of Republicans, and 65% of Dems.

LightSquared, Solyndra II?

Apparently the Obama administration pressured a 4 star General (who blew the whistle) to give his OK on a piece of technology that could interfere with military GPS. It doesn’t look good.

Transaction Tax to Aid Poor: Bill Gates

The headline says the tax will help the poor. But if you look more closely, this isn’t money for the poor. It is money for third world governments. We have been down this road before. Money goes in, then out to...

Major Media Are Part of the Problem

Eugene Robinson’s column in the September 20 Washington Post began with this: “‘Class warfare!’ scream the Republicans, in a voice usually reserved for phrases such as ‘Run for your lives!’