Meet the Real Rick Perry

An Photo of Rick Perry with His Head Leaned Against his Hand—He Has Strong Gaze and His Lips Are Slightly Pursed As If He's Glaring or He's Bored and Irritated

Rick Perry is a wolf in sheep’s underwear.

It seems the establishment has finally struck upon the “right” formula for a presidential candidate. Just enough Bush swagger (frankly even more than enough) to keep the “Amer’rica” crew happy. Just enough talk of the Fed to snow the people who only recently have come to see the power of the central bank. And then there’s the look. He has the look many people want in a GOP presidential candidate, that is he looks like Romney with a good bit of John Wayne mixed in.

But this time America, please don’t be fooled. Perry is just more of the same. At this time in history, as we teeter on the edge of giving up everything to the state, the last thing we need is a guy like Rick Perry.

He has a long history of doing special deals for his friends as the Republican Liberty Caucus outlines here.