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Month: October 2011
Which Banks Are Worst?

The article below takes up this interesting question. The word “worst” here applies to behavior, not financial soundness.

Government’s War Against the Young

The government has driven college tuition and fees higher and higher with federal loan subsidies. The first story below reveals that college costs have risen 8.3% on average this fall, a stunning figure.

CA Prison Nurse Made $270K Last Year

With the money California paid in overtime it could have hired 25,000 new teachers at the going rate of $68,0000. Not that this is necessarily a good idea.

Ron Paul: Blame the Fed

Ron Paul’s recent op-ed in the Wall Street Journal explaining the basics of his economic philosophy. Simple and beautiful.

“Regulatory Keynesianism”

Things are truly getting absurd. I hear all the time from the left how such and such program, while seeming to cost something, is actually stimulus making the broader economy better. Unemployment benefits are stimulus. Food stamps are stimulus. It’s...