Copyright Czar Loves Hollywood

Share files peer to peer? The Obama administration and Hollywood have gotten together to make sure you don’t. Leaked emails show a very chummy relationship between the “Copyright Czar” and the folks in California.

The entertainment industry is caught in a fundamental shift in technology. They have warehouses full of buggy whips, and they need to sell them.

Digitization of content presents a huge challenge to top heavy creators of content. The music industry has been decimated by peer to peer, and the movie guys are fighting to avoid a similar fate.

Songs are relatively small files, movies comparatively large, so as data transmission speeds increase, movies are more subject to “piracy.” Songs move through the digital pipeline more easily than large bulky movies in other words. Now that broadband is widely used and getting faster all the time the movie industry sees the writing on the wall.

Why not use the state to hold the reality of the marketplace at bay?

By the way we at adhere to the principal of Creative Commons in all that we post. If we use a piece of content it is within these parameters.

An additional note: It used to be that a creator of content, if he or she wanted it, was granted exclusivity for 28 years under US law. Now such exclusivity extends for the life of the creator plus 70 years. As a writer I can see the appeal. However why should my great grandchildren have control over content I created a century before?

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