Big Govt, Labor, Business, In Bed Together

In this great piece by Fred Barnes he lays out clearly the Obama M.O., top-down policy making. Whether it’s big labor, big business, or big government, the administration likes to go big. The little guy, in contrast, has almost no place at the White House table.

One particularly striking bit of information Mr. Barnes sites is that Wall Street has made more money in the Obama years than in George Bush’s entire tenure. No wonder Obama continues to rake in the bucks from the big banks. After the California University system Goldman Sachs gave more money to¬†Obama’s campaign in 2008 than any other entity. Many of the other big banks weren’t far behind.

Occupy Wall Street? Looks like Wall Street has occupied The White House.

Add to this situation the power of the unions which are the muscle of the administration and one has the recipe for catastrophe. But that is Chicago politics and that is what Obama knows.

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