Capitol Hill bristles: THROW THEM ALL OUT

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Peter Schweizer’s new book Throw Them All Out came out yesterday and Washington is not happy about what it exposes. The 60 Minutes report this past Sunday based on the findings in the book didn’t help matters either.

Guess what? If you are a member of Congress it is entirely legal to trade on inside information. Washington likes this, and would prefer that it not change. As such is doing it’s best to defend the powers that be from scrutiny.

According to Politico, because Schweizer is the Editor of Big Peace, part of the conservative/libertarian empire, the author’s motivation is to be questioned. How dare he embarrass former Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The nerve! Just another right-wing nut looking to score some points.

Of course Schweizer also called the current Speaker to the floor along with other prominent Republicans including Denny Hastert and Spencer Baucus, but never mind that. Trust me there are plenty of Republicans who don’t like this book.

Life on the Hill can be very cozy. There is great food. Lots of interesting people. People begging for your attention all the time. I am sure legal insider trading just seems like one of the many trappings members of Congress deserve. In fact I know that is what many Congressmen and women believe, though they will never say it.

By the way. Remember a month ago when Nancy Pelosi said that she identified with Occupy Wall Street? I doubt that many occupiers got to buy 20,000 shares of Visa IPO like she did.

I mean Visa isn’t technically based on Wall Street right?

Nick Sorrentino 11-16-2011

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