DHS Partners with the Hotel Industry

The Logo for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security

That’s right, the Department of Homeland Security now has a toehold in your hotel room. You will now be subject to a 15 second “If you see something, say something” public service announcement when you turn on the TV.

The USA Today Reports:

The federal government gained access to hotel TV sets by forming a partnership with the hotel industry’s largest association — the American Hotel & Lodging Association — which connected DHS with LodgeNet, the industry’s largest TV-content provider.

By entering hotels at a time when the hospitality industry is on the rebound, the government has the power to tap a growing, captive audience. Recent research from LodgeNet says 98% of hotel guests turn on their hotel TV, and the average guest keeps it on for more than three hours per day.

Gee, I don’t see how the American Hotel and Lodging Association and the Department of Homeland Security partnering together could go wrong.

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