Military cuts to go to stimulus?

An Illustration Depicting a Bull with the Words Military-Industrial Complex Written on His Side, Wearing a Military Hat, Nonchalantly Eating Money in Front of Worried-Looking Elephants and Donkeys at a Table, Scrambling Through Papers, One Asking, "Anywhere Else We Can Cut?"--The Caption Reads, "The Trillion-Dollar Sacred Bull in the Room"

The Super Committee Dems want to take cuts in the military and apply the “savings” to a new stimulus program. I thought we were trying to reduce outlays in an effort to get our fiscal house in order.

Of course there are no savings. The Dems just see money in motion and are trying to siphon off a bit for their constituencies.

But the Republicans are just as bad. Over the last few days warnings of “draconian” and “devastating” cuts in the military have come out of the establishment right. To this day many so called conservatives don’t see that the military is “big government.” It has tons of fat in it, but God forbid if one points this out.

What no one will admit, even now, even after 2008, after Greece, after everything, is that we are out of money. We don’t get to spend anymore. That ship has sailed. We don’t get to spend as we have in the past. It’s time now to tighten our belts and get back to basics. It’s time to trim the periphery. It’s time acknowledge reality. It’s time to cut the military, and everything else for that matter.

But with the Democrats calling for military spending to go to “stimulus” it gives Congressional Republicans cover when they baulk (in the end) at cutting the military industrial complex.

So everyone is happy—except the tax payer of course.

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Nick Sorrentino 11-10-2011