New Tammany Hall in New York

New York City public employee unions wallow in tax payer money.

In this great op-ed by Fred Siegal he identifies one of the core problems with New York City and the country at large as the increasing power of the non-productive public sector class. Perhaps that’s not fair because I know there are good public workers out there who do produce something. But the economy (and society) would be better off if there were far fewer of the not so good public employees out there.

Since the 1960s the  public sector unions have grown in power and have taken more and more from the productive part of the economy. Unlike their brethren in the private sector, where a good case can be made for selling labor in bulk and in a predictable way to businesses, which also in theory can close up shop, public sector unions have no check on their growth.

Public sector unions now make up up over half of all unionized workers in the United States. Add that most public employees must pay dues to public worker unions which then recycle the money to politicians and you can see the problem.

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