This Gibson Kills Fascists

If you buy a guitar this Christmas buy a Gibson

Gibson has been profitably building wonderful guitars in this country for generations but currently it is under assault by the federal government.

Gibson has hired new people in Nashville in the manufacturing sector during a time of extreme economic challenge. Yet the DOJ wants to enforce an international logging law that it looks like Gibson didn’t even violate. The fact that Gibson’s rivals gave money to the Obama administration and the fact that Gibson is a non-union shop has nothing to do with the heat it is feeling of course.

Let’s send a message to the feds. If they go after a company that is committed to doing business the right way, we the consumers will support that company and help them defeat the siege on their business.

Every guitar player should have at least one Gibson. This Christmas pick one up and help support property rights and a great American company.

By the way, Woodie Guthrie used to play a Gibson. You’d think that alone would keep the lefties at bay. But fascism has a new face these days.

A Photo of Woodie Guthrie Playing a Guitar

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