Turning Marx on His Head

An Photo of Karl Marx Flipped Upside Down

“Laws were most numerous when the state was most corrupt.” — Tacitus, The Annals 3.27

I refuse to tilt at windmills. I am not interested allowing the state to continue on as it has. In my lifetime I more than hope to see a much smaller government, I am working to make it so.

We are conditioned to think of “progress” as the increasing encroachment of the state into every bit of our lives. We are conditioned to think of “progress” as the state providing more services. We are conditioned to think of “progress” as the degree to which society mitigates as much risk as possible.

This is the worldview that permeates nearly every aspect of world political culture. Liberals push the state further, and the conservatives fight the rearguard battle, dragged kicking and screaming into the new world defined by the liberals. But the conservatives still concede that the liberals are the ones who push the world forward, they just want to slow down the pace.

This is a “false paradigm” as our esteemed president might say. I say progress is defined by the degree to which liberty is furthered and the degree to which individuals, who throughout history have been regarded as little more than cattle, are able to live as free individuals on no one’s farm. Progress as I see it is the degree to which free individuals can live in a productive way without coercion. This is the paradigm that I think more correctly defines the human struggle toward actualization.

In other words, if you are for liberty you are pushing things forward, if however you are for coercion and state control you are in fact a conservative defending just the newest version of serfdom.

Ok, got a little deep for the attached article, but it’s expressed frustration with America’s inability to cut any government got me rolling.

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Nick Sorrentino 11-27-2011