Ron Paul Scares the Media, GOP, Dems

I have never seen anything like the attacks that Ron Paul is sustaining now, never. As a front runner attacks are to be expected, but Ron Paul has taken fire from all angles. From Rachael Maddow to Bill O’Reilly, from the New York Times to the Weekly Standard, they all hate his guts.

A Photo of Ron Paul with a Sign on His Desk That Reads "Don't Steal: The Government Hates Competition"

The media is scared because Paul has risen despite its best efforts to marginalize him. Youtube and alternative media have driven Paul’s candidacy. The New York Times, CNN, and the mainstream networks rightly see that Paul has made an end run around them. This is disheartening to many in the “mainstream” news business. He is another big nail in their coffin.

The GOP establishment is scared because Ron Paul shines a light on the GOP as a party of big government and challenges the notion that the US must act as “policeman of the world.” Think about all the GOP oriented lobbyists who have paid their dues to get a crack at the next Republican president only to be confronted by the likes of Ron Paul. Talk about a bummer. I think there are many within the GOP who would rather Obama win than Ron Paul.

The Democrat establishment is scared because Ron Paul represents a possible end to the New Deal as instituted under FDR. The assumption since the thirties has been that government will always grow and that there will be evermore “services” provided by the state. This is the road we’ve been on since the Great Depression and it is the road that many believed would go on forever.

So there you have it. Everyone in the establishment seems to hate Ron Paul and that is why he is getting mortars lobbed at him from every part of the political jungle.

Yet despite this he continues to rise in the polls. Why?

Because he tells the truth (in this writer‘s opinion), and the internet allows people to see that the other people who would like to be president often do not. No longer must we take the word of the establishment parties and media. We can actually see what candidates said or did. Ron Paul shines in such a world. Politicians do not.

Nick Sorrentino 12-26-2011