Who Needs Congress, Not Obama

In 2012 Obama will push on without Congress. That is a shock. Considering that the Congressional approval rating is hovering around 11% this would make political sense. But bypassing Congress is just the way Obama likes it anyway.

We have many serious problems in this country but one of the biggest is a Presidency that has too much power. Under the Constitution Congress, the Judiciary, and Presidency are supposed to be CO-EQUAL.

But this fact is lost upon most Americans. We have come to see the President almost as an elected king who determines solely the direction of the country.

This is dangerous. Add in a president (whoever he or she may be) who indeed thinks that he or she should act as a king and this country is primed for disaster.

The attached article focuses on how Obama will choose to focus on running for his second term while seeking to demonize Congress, but my concern is Obama’s seeming belief that executive powers are unlimited. How can the man start an undeclared war, without consulting with Congress or the People, and not be held to task? This action appears to be totally illegal. Yet the cult of the presidency has overwhelmed the rule of law.

Remember when we impeached presidents for cheating on their wives? Those were the days.

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Nick Sorrentino 12-31-2011