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Month: January 2012
How Carbs Are Killing You

This until recently was the official food recomendation graphic from the US government. Contrast the above recomendations with what you see in this infographic from

State Of Hawaii May Track All Websites Visited

(From “This bill represents a radical violation of privacy and opens the door to rampant Fourth Amendment violations,” says Daniel Leuck, chief executive of Honolulu-based software design boutique Ikayzo, who submitted testimony opposing the bill. He adds: “Even forcing...

Shock: Cronyism Scandal At The Vatican!

The current ambassador to the US from the Holy See, Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano used to run the day to day infrastructure of Vatican City. When he took over in 2009 he found widespread abuse of the City’s contracting procedures....

Greenspan Defends Capitalism, Denounces Crony Capitalism?

In an piece today in the FT Alan Greenspan wrote; “Crony capitalism abounds when government leaders, usually in exchange for political support, routinely bestow favors on private-sector individuals or businesses. That is not capitalism. It is called corruption.” The arbitrary...