Keeping Poor People Poor

This is the title of a recent piece by healthcare analyst John Goodman of SMU. Please read the full article which appears below—it is definitely worth taking the time.

The article outlines some of the myriad ways that a crony capitalist system keeps the poor in a state of poverty. It makes everyone’s housing, medical care, transportation, neighborhood security, and childcare cost more, but this especially hurts the poor, who simply can’t afford the extra expense. If we make transportation cost too much because of needless rules, then some people won’t be able to work. The same is true for childcare. Goodman asks: “Did you know that in most places, it’s illegal for a neighbor down the street to oversee children from the neighborhood for pay?” And he explains that such rules, while ostensibly designed to protect us, really just protect economic pressure groups from competition, especially from low cost competition that would especially help the poor.

Hunter Lewis 1-4-2012

Click here for the article.

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