Members of Congress Feeling the Heat On SOPA, Some Retreating

The phone calls to the Hill have gotten our lawmakers’ attention. Don’t let up now. This thing must be defeated.

SOPA is little more than an industry seeking protection from a changing world. The market has shifted fundamentally on them and they aren’t happy about it, so they’re calling in favors on the Hill.

Worse than that, in Hollywood’s effort at self preservation through government it has helped create a piece of legislation that would give the government vast new powers over the Internet.

It is not fair for someone to make money simply off of other people’s content. One could make the argument that Youtube does this for instance.

However once a complaint is made to Youtube that copyright has been violated they tend to take videos down in a jiffy. I have seen this many times. If Youtube however ignores the owner of the copyright and continues to show a video that is copyrighted, especially if it is making money with the video, the owner of the copyright has every reason to make the situation a legal matter.

That’s where it should be handled, on a case by case basis. Or there might be another way to address the issue. I think Congressman Daryll Issa has some good ideas. But the napalm blast that is SOPA certainly is not the answer.

Though the fight is not over there is important movement in the right direction at this hour. It is largely the result of individuals making their voices heard.

Add to that, nerds (and I use that term in the most affectionate way)  know how to leverage the Internet to get things done. Witness what happened to Paul Ryan, congressman from Wisconsin.

Another member of Congress that has been feeling the heat from voters is Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI). After reddit members raised $15,000 in 48 hours for his anti-SOPA challenger, Ryan came out with a clear statement of opposition to the legislation. (From

So, again. Don’t quit now. If you made a phone call last week, make another this week. Same for email. Let’s keep the Internet free.

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