Athens On the Potomac: Washington Is Broken (and Broke)

In the attached opinion piece from The Chicago Tribune the case is made that Washington has reached the point of complete dysfunction. At a time when the national debt is projected to double within 10 years Congress and the President are jockeying for the election, essentially wasting a year when we don’t have a day.

The thing is ATM machines still spit out cash, trash is still picked up, people still go to work. Life, though significantly adjusted for many since the beginning of the Great Recession, still perks along. Thank God.

But we should not be lulled into thinking we are not in crisis. We are lucky that we maintain the reserve currency of the world and this has afforded us the luxury of acting unwisely for a while. But it won’t last forever. If the dollar loses its reserve status things will get serious fairly quickly.

We do not have the time or money for Washington to punt. Get to work.

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