Untold Story: Arab Spring Started by Small Businessman Who Was Railroaded by the State

Last night I watched a video from a conference of Occupy Wall Street leaders in New York go on and on about how democracy and capitalism don’t mix. How capitalism should be abolished, etc.

One comment perked my ears though. One of the “leaders” said that the current OWS movement was started in Tunisia with its revolution.

I know a bit about what happened in Tunisia. I knew that the insurrection started when a young man set himself on fire in protest.

What I didn’t know was the story behind the young man who was so desperate that he doused himself in gasoline and lit himself on fire.

It turns out that he was a simple grocer who was the sole breadwinner for a family of eight. A government bureaucrat had impounded his cart and in so doing stole his livelihood. His name was Mohammed Bouazizi, and the below link tells his story better than I can.

But it struck me: If OWS was started by a man who just wanted to do business, OWS is doing Mohammed a huge disservice railing against capitalism. Perhaps it would do better to rail against crony capitalism and the state.

Click here for the piece.

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