Obama Accuses the GOP of Madness, Perhaps, but there’s Plenty to Go Around

The reason Obama said this recently at a fundraiser in New England was because he honestly believes proposals such as the (increasingly dead) Ryan plan are extreme. Not even close Mr. President. Not even close.

Basically Obama is a statist. Some people consider the word a sort of slur, which it is not. Obama is committed to the state. That’s who he is. He believes that Washington is full of smart people and that the rest of America should just fall in line. I believe he believes the problem is the Constitution as my old poli-sci professor used to say. The Constitution is illegitimate because it was conceived by people who did not care about “the people” the way he, Mr. Obama, does.

If Obama thinks the GOP as it is today is extreme, what does this say about the man? The GOP is about to nominate Mitt Romney, former governor of arguably the most liberal state in the union. Romney is not extreme (in the way that Mr. Obama means it), far from it.

And madness? The White House appears to be an asylum to me, along with Capitol Hill. Between the two the lobbyist maniacs run up and down Pennsylvania Avenue and K Street.

So perhaps Obama’s right. Maybe the GOP is mad. It is turning its back on the candidate with the best chance to beat the president in the November in Ron Paul after all.

But Obama saying that the continued expansion of the state, with the country’s finances in the shape they are in, is if not insanity, then extreme hubris mixed with delusional faith.

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