Rand Paul Identifies More Crony Capitalism, Defends Profitable Business

I am so thankful that we have Rand Paul in the Senate. He, like his dad, appears committed to telling the truth right to Washington DC’s face. He fought the establishment in his own party in 2010 and won which gives him freedom unlike any other Senator.

So, he is given to occasional (actually pretty regular) explosions of truth and sound thinking from the Senate floor, which is fun.

Last week for instance he called for a flat corporate tax of 17%. Sounds good to me.

He also proposed taking the $30 billion currently going to the administration’s DOE “green graft” program and instead putting $15 billion toward lowering the debt, and then taking the other $15 billion and putting it toward fixing bridges.

$15 billion for bridges seems like too much to me but Rand is more of a moderate than I am. He’s being politically pragmatic. Of course his proposals will likely never see the light of day in the Senate as pragmatic as they are.

As I listen to Paul speak from the floor I smile. It is nice to hear some sense coming from someone up there. It has been a very long time. But I have to wonder what his colleagues think of him, especially the more liberal Democrats. They and the President must think the Pauls are from outer space.

Not outer space Mr.President. The future.