Ron Paul: “CISPA Represents an Alarming Form of Corporatism”

As I have written before the government is unlikely to stop seeking complete control over the Internet. SOPA and PIPA were stopped by people power. Now the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) is moving through Congress and it will take individuals coming together again to defeat this new power grab.

The bill is broadly written and gives the government extensive power over private information online. The Electronic Frontier Foundation explains in detail what the Act will allow government to do.

(From How The Expansive Immunity Clauses in CISPA Will Facilitate Abuse of User Privacy)

“Under CISPA, private companies may spy on user communications, whether stored or in transit, and freely pass personal information to the government as long as they claim a vague ‘cybersecurity’ exception.”

And Ron Paul has sent out a call to his followers to strongly consider getting onboard with the #StopCISPA effort. He rightly fears that corporations, compelled by the government, under CISPA will become information agents for the state.

I think he’s right to fear this. Though I’ll bet that corporations likely don’t want to become government agents, if the force of law is brought to bear they will have to comply.