Throw Them All Out! Peter Schweizer’s Book Moves the President to Sign the STOCK Act

Peter Schweizer is a class act and he is doing the kind of work which moves mountains, or at least Washington, DC which is arguably even more difficult. I would encourage everyone to buy his book Throw Them All Out which chronicles how Congress has been able to profit on inside information, legally, for years. The story is infuriating.

It is because of his efforts that the STOCK Act was signed into law yesterday and the legal insider trading loophole was closed for members of Congress. We tip our hat to him.

Throw Them All Out should join Unsafe at Any Speed (Ralph Nader’s book on the auto industry) as a classic of citizen activism.

Check out this post-signing interview with Peter HERE.

And it looks like Schweizer is just getting going. Just last week he took on the Supreme Court.