7 Months Since Corzine Blew Up MF Global (And Our Greatest Corzine Hits)

Yep, over half a year and the former senator, governor, and most importantly perhaps, Goldman Sachs CEO, isn’t even sweating. So what that $1.2 billion in customer money is still “missing.” He swore to Congress that he had “no idea” where the money went to. And that is that.

Except that it’s not.

(From The New York Post)

“But in the commodities pits in Chicago, the anger is palpable. “Someone at  MF Global made the decision to swipe customer money,” John Roe,  head of the Commodities Customer Coalition, told the Financial Times. “If  nothing happens, this means people can misuse customer funds and have no  criminal liability.”

If Corzine didn’t order the transfer of assets, he should be forced to  testify about who did and why he didn’t supervise the transactions.”

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