Crony Capitalism at the Pentagon

On occasion I write about our massive military and the copious amounts of waste within it. I have written in the past that the military is the way the Right “spreads the wealth.”

Every time I point out that the military is “big government” there are always a few readers who take exception with my position. Though they agree with me that business and the government should be separated and that when the two piggyback on one another bad things happen, they don’t see that the military (and more broadly, the “military industrial complex”) is chock full of cronyism.

As I have said in the past, I am a friend of the military. I grew up around bases. The only football team I care about these days is the Navy Midshipmen. Go Navy! But as we debate how best to put our fiscal house in order we must address the colossal cost of the military. In times such as these we simply cannot afford a military which costs twice what it did in 2000. It’s just not sustainable.

Peter Schweizer the editor of (part of the empire) and generally a very pro-defense guy, also recognizes that the military must no longer be given a blank check. In the attached article Schweizer explains that the military is not above the human tendency toward cronyism and that (presumably) conservatives need to come to terms with this.

Click here for Schweizer’s piece.