Old Media is in Lock Step with the Obama Administration

Long have conservatives and libertarians accepted the left bias of the “mainstream” or “old” media. Until very recently It has been understood by those not of the big government disposition that in order to understand at least what was sort of going on in the world one needed to compensate for the bias. This was how I grew up. NBC News was where the news came from in my house, with a bit more from my local newspaper, but that was before the Internet.

Years ago a friend of mine who worked in old media (TV) lamented the emergence of blogs and websites such as the Drudge Report.  This was not real journalism the friend explained. I remember thinking that the new media was often where the best journalism around was being done and that if my friend’s attitude was the general attitude of people in old media, they were about to get their clocks cleaned.

Sure enough in the years following this conversation new media’s rise increased exponentially, to the point where arguably The Drudge Report is the most important source for news in the United States.

But for all the new-found influence of the new media, the establishment still wields huge amounts of power. They still control the megaphone by and large, and they are using it while they still can.

The White House has turned Media Matters into almost a cabinet level propaganda agency. The establishment left still controls most of broadcasting with the exception of Fox News, (Though Fox is under huge regulatory pressure at this moment, which I believe is probably not an accident. Not that I am a particular fan of most of what Fox does.) and as such it is in an all-out press for Obama.

Just check out this most recent cover of Newsweek below. I’m beginning to think that some of my nut bar right wing friends might be right when they refer to Obama as “Dear Leader.”

This is right out of North Korea. (Though a little slicker than the socialist realism paintings that are de rigueur in Pyongyang I will admit.)

Just for the record, I really don’t care about gay marriage. Good for him for being the “first gay president.” But the “rainbow Che” photo is just too weird.

Now comes word that a former Obama speech writer (of 3 years) has been given a sitcom on NBC.  I’m sure it will be very critical.  Set your DVRs now. Shoot, they may have already been set for you. Truly “must see TV.”

But the crown jewel of old media’s efforts this campaign season has got to be the soon to be released movie, The Road We’ve Traveled. Narrated by Tom Hanks.

The gall of Hollywood here is breathtaking. I submit below for your review.

Now tell me which movie theater chain is going to refuse to show this blatant piece of propaganda? None which wants to continue doing business in the United States without molestation that’s for sure.

Generally speaking I don’t like to attack the president. There are plenty of people who do that all day, every day. I am much more interested in the ideas which drive politics and economics. However, the Newsweek cover was just too much.

And here’s a wager. How much do you want to bet that come this fall schools across the nation will be taking field trips to see the Obama documentary?