Some TEA Party Members of Congress Have No Problem with Crony Capitalism

In the National Review Veroninqe de Rugy explains that some TEA Party members of congress seem more than happy to abandon the principles they said they stood for to get re-elected.

And I am not even talking about the widespread “yes” votes in the House from supposed TEA Party members on CISPA, a horrible piece of legislation which attacks our fundamental right to privacy. (Michelle Bachman voted yes, as did Allan West.)

No, I am talking about the reauthorization of the Export-Import Bank which is often called “Boeing’s Bank,” or “a terrible example of crony capitalism at its worst.” (That’s what I call it.)

Recently a letter was sent to House leadership by a group of Republicans, including some TEA Party affiliated members, encouraging movement on reauthorization before the authorization of Ex-Im runs out. We must do this because “jobs” are at stake the letter explains. We must subsidize a profitable company because of “jobs.”

Why not? After all we must compete with France which subsidizes Airbus. The French are who we want to emulate on economic issues of course.

Click here for de Rugy’s piece.

Click here for the letter.

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