These Best-Selling Products Can Make You Sick

Dr. Mercola details the corruption behind some of the products Americans use every day and how this corruption impacts your health.

He takes issue with the chemical industry:

“Incredibly, certain common flame retardants, such as PBDEs, have been detected in the blood of up to 97 percent of U.S. residents, at levels that are 20 times higher than those of Europeans. Californians have some of the highest exposures due to the state’s strict flammability laws.”


“An Industry Built on “Adjustable Truths”

and “Big Pharma:”

“Americans are disproportionally supporting this behemoth of an industry. Americans, including children, are the most drugged people in the entire world, with the average adult taking 11 prescription drugs—each of which comes with an average of 70 different potential side effects that are then typically addressed with yet more drugs…”

And he has no problem calling the current political situation as he sees it.

“Remember that the definition of fascism is a government system that has complete power in regimenting all industry and forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism. What we have here is a hybrid—a sort of corporate fascism, where industry has powerful control over government, and forcefully suppresses anything that threatens their monopoly on profits.”

His perspective is an interesting one and the attached article is well worth a read.

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