A Paradise for Parasites: Washington DC

I live outside of Washington DC, right where Northern Virginia ends (ie the suburbs of DC) and the real Virginia begins. It’s as close to the heart of the beast as my wife and I could get without breaking into rashes.

Don’t get me wrong Washington has its charms, and some great restaurants, and lots of great people too, but it is an imperial city. It commands from on high, and many of the folks I bump into regularly would have it no other way.

Recently in an article Johah Goldberg the editor of the National Review took issue with the adage that “Washington is Hollywood for ugly people.” I agree with him that this isn’t true.  Washington is a paradise for parasites.

Washington DC is the wealthiest part of the country by quite a lot.

There are other areas of wealth, Beverly Hills, parts of Manhattan, but Washington DC metro is a vast expanse of very comfortable bureaucrats and government contractors. There is no recession here. And there is a reason why there is a Ferrari dealership just down the road from all the defense contracting firms on the east side of Dulles Airport.

This is where the money is. Your money.

Below Weekly Standard contributor Andrew Ferguson sits down with Reason Magazine to discuss his recent piece in Time Magazine (geez that’s a bunch of magazines) Bubble on the Potomac.

He discusses the culture of Washington and how out of touch the city truly is, and trust me, he’s being kind.