China bars stock index web search after Tiananmen match

That the Shanghai index was down 64.89 points yesterday, on the anniversary of the Tienanmen crackdown, 6 – June, 4, 89 – 1989, is an amazing coincidence. So amazing is it that the authorities in Beijing have banned people from searching for information related to the number within China. For a country as obsessed with numerology as China this must be doubly weird.


“The correlation was not limited to just the drop in the stock index.

The market opened at 2,346.98 points, with many bloggers deciphering the 23 as referring to the 23rd anniversary of the crackdown and the rest of the numbers, 46.98, again forming the date of the crackdown, when rearranged.

‘Whoa, these figures are too freaky! Very cool,’ one of the bloggers was quoted as saying by the Reuters news agency.”

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