Did Corzine Perjure Himself?

Charlie Gasparino asks in the attached piece if Jon Corzine perjured himself in his testimony to congress. Gasparino says however that it would be hard to prove.

As the months drag on it appears increasingly that the wily old fox may have gotten away with $1.6 billion in client money “evaporating.”

(From NYPost.com)

“By playing dumb on key questions, Corzine seemed to shield himself from the serious charge of lying under oath. But he did get specific about a few things — one of which is clearly contradicted by the recent trustee’s report on MF Global’s demise.

The former US senator and NJ governor — still a top Obama fund-raiser — could still be facing serious criminal charges. At the very least, it looks like he was trying to mislead Congress as it tried to get to the bottom of the MF Global mess.”

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