Did you know that EBT cards (food stamps) can be used to buy cigarettes and alcohol?

I sure didn’t.

Attached is an interesting story about a grocery clerk who refused to let a customer pay for cigs with his EBT card, which sadly is entirely legal.

Putting aside that this was a legal exchange, and that the clerk really should have chosen another place to make such a stand, I find it absolutely incredible that booze and smokes are paid for by the food stamp program.

I knew that in some places fast food was covered by food stamps, and I know that food stamps are commonly exchanged for dollars and other things in an effort to buy restricted goods. But apparently this middle step is no longer an issue. Food stamps pay for partying directly now. I mean at this point why not?

I am going to have to take a look at how much revenue flows from food stamps to the alcohol and tobacco industries. What a nice little subsidy for them.

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