Krugman Gets Smacked Around by the Estonian President on Twitter

Don’t you just love social media?

A few days ago we posted a story about a debate between two UK conservatives and Paul Krugman who was peddling his economic snake oil on the other side of the Atlantic last week. Krugman dismissed the challengers as reactionary agents who simply did not understand that deficits needed to be run up, damn the consequences, of which Krugman seems to think there are few of the negative variety.

“What then of Estonia and its success?” One of the conservatives asked.


We didn’t get to hear the Estonian story.

But the president of Estonia wanted to make sure the message got out:

Estonia cut government, got it out of the way in a big way, and is now seeing robust growth. Estonia, as the attached article explains “went full on TEA party,” and actually cut the size of government. Now it is growing while much of the rest of Europe looks into, or falls into, the abyss.

In short Estonia went in the opposite direction from what Krugman advises and is seeing very positive results.

As Estonian presidents don’t get as much attention in the West as perhaps they should, Twitter is an excellent outlet to take issue with the dismissal of the Estonian experience by Mr. Krugman even if some Estonians didn’t think it becoming of a president.

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I love to see Twitter used for this sort of stuff. It’s happening more and more. Just 2 weeks ago the American envoy to Russia got into a row on Twitter.

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