Mini-horses, according to the Justice Department, are just as good as dogs as guide animals. Better make room business owners.

I am not inclined to let horses inside my house, mini or otherwise, but I’d happily let one in if a friend needed it to get around. However, I still reserve the right to say yes or no to my friend.

According to the Department of Justice business owners have no such right.

Some people view dogs as unclean animals for religious reasons and horses provide an alternative for these folks. This is why DoJ is forcing some businesses to accommodate for the use of mini-horses.

I am sure they can be trained to do their business outside, and I am sure there is a way to mitigate damage from hooves, but it is beyond the pale to force businesses to accommodate for the use of such animals.  Does the business owner have no say over his business at all any longer at all?

This and new regs handed down from Justice recently will cost millions of dollars to comply with. Millions of dollars, some businesses simply don’t have.

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