“The only way to preserve Europe, is a political consolidation of Europe.” – Allan Greenspan 6-21-2012

I don’t know about you but I am not particularly concerned with preserving “Europe.” Everything I see coming from “Europe” is statism squared. If the European Union dies, I won’t shed any tears over its demise. In fact, I’ll probably smile.

In an interview today on Bloomberg Alan Greenspan said that he sees a more consolidated union with Germany at its core, along with the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Finland, and “maybe France.”  The “south” presumably will be cut loose.

His interview can be seen HERE.

I will offer as a counter point to Greenspan this excellent speech from Daniel Hannon, a British European Union MP who spoke at this year’s CPAC. It’s well worth watching.

A Warning from the United Kingdom: Don’t Follow Europe!

If the “European Experiment” dies, I say good riddance.