These Companies Control 90% of American Media

This is one of the main reasons why we must never let anything like SOPA happen. Sites such as this one must be left alone to thrive and get the word out about what is really going on. The dinosaurs below are not in the business of reporting what is really going on.

As depressing as the below infographic appears one should remember that 15 years ago no one could imagine a rival to Microsoft in the software industry. Gate’s creation appeared utterly dominant and it appeared that it would remain so forever. Google and Apple had something to say about this assumption.

Before that it appeared that General Motors would never see a real rival in automotives. Toyota ended that.

So it is far from hopeless. Things do change. In fact given the growth of this site and the growth of other “alternative” news and analysis sites I am actually increasingly hopeful about things.

I am hopeful that is, so long as Son of SOPA doesn’t emerge to crush independent media.

The below infographic is from which is one of those alternative sites which is leading the way.