Veronique de Rugy: Cronyism is the “American Way”

If you want to get involved in business you should get involved in politics.” – Senator Orin Hatch to a gathering of tech industry leaders in 2000.

Ms. de Rugy is right on nearly all of the time. She pins it again in the attached post from the National Review.

She laments just how pervasive state intervention in markets is. Even supposedly conservative politicians such as John Kasich in Ohio, supposed friends of free enterprise, embrace it. The political class just can’t help itself. Crony capitalism is just too tempting.


“Does the governor really believe that he is assisting companies in a productive way? And if he does, how does he justify the fact that the “help” is restricted to some companies in Ohio and not others? Also, since the policies do not benefit all companies, what’s the standard for picking the winners? And if the idea is to help private companies, why not create a tax and regulation environment in the state that allows all companies a chance at success, no matter their size and industry?”

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