White House Stonewalling Solyndra Investigation

Congressional Republicans are trying to get at the heart of the Solyndra matter but the White House has not been helpful. Not that this is surprising.

(From Politico.com)

“The initial deadline for producing the requested documents was Feb. 21 and they are still withholding these records,” he added. “The subpoena is now 7 months old and President [Barack] Obama, who promised the most transparent administration in history, continues to thwart the subcommittee’s constitutional responsibility to provide oversight.”

Romney is making Solyndra a political issue with the help of House Republicans. Though Solyndra should be dissected and examined, we must also remember that many House Republicans who today decry the crony capitalism of the DOE and its loan program had no problem extending and expanding the power of the Export-Import Bank, often called Boeing’s Bank, which is prime time crony capitalism a month ago.

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