“Defense” is Big Government (and should be cut)

Whenever I write about our need to cut defense there are always howls from many on the traditional right who believe that unlike many other expenditures “defense” is explicitly outlined in the Constitution as a roll for the federal government. (Which it is.) This is how many people who say they are for a smaller government can have absolutely no problem with our massive defense budget. They will go to the wall to make sure bases aren’t closed and US “readiness” isn’t compromised. But “defense” isn’t what what the military budget goes for most of the time these days.

Now comes sequestration which will automatically cut $500 billion from defense over 10 years starting on January 1st 2013. Sounds like a lot. And it is a lot. But the most recent defense budget was for $700 billion give or take $10 billion. So, over 10 years we’re talking about cutting defense by 7%. Seems pretty reasonable to me in light of giant deficits and the supposed end of 2 large wars.

But many people don’t think it’s reasonable. It is too much to ask to cut defense .7% per year. This is beyond the Pale. Anyone who would be for this is obviously for weakening our country’s ability to defend itself.

7 Senators agree that sequestration just must not happen and so signed a letter recently stating their opposition to any cuts. That .7% annually is just too much. The fact that these Senators got a combined $1,277,369 from defense contractors has nothing to do with their objections of course.

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