Pentagon Orders $521 Million Worth of New Drones

Even with the military staring a sequestration, times are pretty darn good for the drone industry. As the attached article reports;

“General Atomics, the people behind the wildly successful Predator and Reaper drones, just scored two huge contracts this week,” reports Business Insider Military & Defense on Friday.

“One contract is $411 million for Gray Eagle systems, a derivative of the Predator drone. The second contract is for $120.6 million and will buy MQ-9 Reaper spares for the Air Force. They’ll also get ground support systems and spares.”

“With only two and a half short years until drones begin to dominate the skies in the U.S. homeland, no federal agency is taking the lead to deal with the full implications of using unmanned aerial systems and developing the relevant policies and guidelines for their use,” 

DHS is now in train stations, bus stations, commuter rail, and highways. Soon they will be in the air as well. There is a vast and rapidly expanding surveillance industrial complex mushrooming right now and we had better be very careful. This situation is very quickly getting out of hand.

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