Argentina: Crony Capitalism Cubed

Argentina for many Americans is just another country in South America, another Spanish speaking political and economic disaster, far removed from the good governance and sound economic policies of the United States. Heh.

And to some degree this is true, or has been. But it’s not really a banana republic because for the most part bananas don’t grow there.

It is to be sure however an economically challenged land, and its leader Christina Kirchner is following in a long line of leaders who just can’t help but hobble a very blessed country.

Argentina is a country that continually fails to meet its potential because its leaders can’t get out of the way.

Argentina has no real enemies, except for Britain which won’t be invading Buenos Aires any time soon. It has tons of natural resources, a temperate climate (which historically has been vital to first world status), vast areas of arable land, and a literate and capable population.

There was a time when Argentina was the richest country in the Western Hemisphere, a good bit wealthier than the US. This is why the names of Argentines are often of German or Italian descent. During the great migration from Europe people left for New York or Argentina. La Argentina was a land of opportunity and wide vistas. But that was a century ago. Since then the cronies have taken full control.

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