Auto Production to Fall Off Sharply Due to Cooking the Books Earlier in the Year

Earlier this year we wrote about GM’s channel stuffing initiative. Basically Government Motors ramped up production in the early part of the year to make sure things looked good prior to the election. Now we are headed for the hangover, as ZeroHedge reports.

If you look around, the Chevy dealerships are offering all kinds of incentives because they are loaded with cars. The catch is one must buy a Chevy.


“…based on projections provided by Wards Autos, the U.S. motor vehicle assembly rate for August is projected to decline by 8% to a 10.1 million annualized rate after rising by 4.4% in July. This would be the biggest monthly percentage decline in the assembly rate in about a year and a half, since April 2011’s 9.5% drop.”

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