Chevy Volt-ville deep in the heart of Texas, Sponsored by the US Taxpayer Of Course

I don’t like SUVs. I find them annoying. Not because they eat up a lot of gas, I don’t care at all about that, but because every soccer mom in America driving a Sequoia thinks she is somehow cooler than a mom driving a mini-van. SUVs are lame. But hey you have every right to drive the stupid things.

But you know what’s lamer than an SUV which never ever leaves the pavement? The Chevy Volt.

Each Chevy Volt costs the taxpayers of this country over $250,000.  And that is before the $7,500 rebate.

Now in Austin the Department of Energy is sponsoring (with your tax dollars) an experiment in how best to create a “smart community” chock full of electric vehicles.

If the Volt didn’t cost the country $250,000, and it didn’t have a tendency to burst into flames, and it wasn’t produced by a company which still owes the American taxpayer $30 billion, I would seriously consider buying the Volt. I think that electric vehicles are probably not a bad idea, though I think I’d like a natural gas driven car more.

Fundamentally it should also be remembered that most Volts are fueled by energy which is first generated mostly via coal fired plants or nuclear plants.

As I’ve said before, if one is inclined toward a car that is “better” for the environment than today’s standard car, consider the Prius. It’s a fine vehicle, is quite clean,  will soon be made entirely in the USA, and is modestly priced.  Plus the market demanded the Prius, unlike the Volt.

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