Government Motors Fires its Chief Marketer, it’s Not the Ads, it’s the Company

The attached article from Huffpo reports that GM has let its chief of marketing go. The “Chevy Runs Deep” ads just weren’t moving cars. My bet though is that many people just aren’t buying GM because of political reasons. (That and that the economy continues to struggle.)

Every time I post a story on GM I always get a few variations on the same comment, which usually is something like;

“I used to love GM. Used to swear by them. But since the bailout I just can’t bring myself to buy one.”

And that’s the nice version.

I also know a lifelong GM mechanic, he’s worked on my 1992 Buick Le Sabre for 20 years, who now says that he’s disgusted with the company and that he probably wouldn’t buy another Chevy. This guy can fix a Camaro blindfolded and underwater, and he doesn’t support Government Motors any longer.

When the mechanics turn you can rest assured that its not the marketing that is the problem.

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