John Boehner, Defending Ryan’s Voting Record Says Those Who Opposed TARP are “Knuckle Draggers.”

I was reluctant to post this video because of the rabble rousing text at the end. Toss aside the clips of Boehner playing golf with the President, too, because as far as I’m concerned the Speaker and the President should play golf together.

Focus instead on what Boehner, the leader of the Republican Party right now has to say implicitly about the people who rose up against the bailouts of 2008/2009. This guy is supposed to be a conservative? We will never restrict the size of government with people such as Boehner running the show.

Just shut up TEA Party. We waited you out. We got our guy. Now get in line. Because who else are you going to vote for? Where’re you gonna go? You didn’t honestly think you were going to win did you?