No Justice at the Justice Department: Eric Holder is in Wall Street’s Pocket

The reason Eric Holder hasn’t gone after ANYONE on Wall Street stems, according to the Government Accountability Institute, from the fact that Mr. Holder comes from a law firm that defends the big banks from prosecution. Holder stands to make a lot of money on the other side of his White House stint so long as his future clients still want to do business with him. This is why the finance front has been quiet for the DOJ.

The fact that Holder is personal friends with many of these guys probably has a lot to do with it too.

And that each of the 3 White House Chiefs of staff have come from the big banks.

And that Wall Street is so littered with political landmines laid in 2008-2009 which could blow up the White House at any time if Holder steps the wrong way, also a factor.

So why not just wait it out? Sooner or later the American people will forget, if not forgive the ugliness (in both the private and public sector) which led up to the financial crisis, which almost 4 years later continues to unwind.

My bet is that there was so much lying, so much deceit, so much ad hockery during that time that no one (except the public which got hammered, you know them) wants to revisit the carnage. Heck, we just found out that Geithner knew about the LIBOR scandal in 2008 while he was at the New York Fed!

Unfortunately for Holder the public isn’t going to forget, and this fine bit of research from the Government Accountability Institute might turn up the heat a bit. It is by far the most exhaustive examination of the ties between Holder, the White House, and Wall Street that I’ve seen. I would encourage you to take the time to read it. It’s full of juicy morsels.

Click here for the report.