No Matter Who Wins in November (Unless it’s Ron Paul or Gary Johnson) We Lose

The attached article is extremely well done. Joel Kotkin at lays it out. We are, as he says, screwed.

He says it’s a “screwed election” to be exact but you get the point. And he is right. The interests of most Americans won’t be addressed by either Obama or Mittens.

On Obama Kotkin writes;

Yet past the occasional election-year bout of symbolic class warfare, the oligarchs have little to fear from an Obama victory.

“Too big to fail,” enshrined in the Dodd-Frank bill, enjoys the full and   enthusiastic support of the administration. Obama’s financial tsar on   the GM bailout, Steven Rattner, took to The New York Times to   stress that Obamians see nothing systemically wrong with the banking   system we have now, blaming the 2008 market meltdown on “old-fashioned   poor management.”

“In a world of behemoth banks,” he explained to we mere mortals, “it is wrong to think we can shrink ours   to a size that eliminates the ‘too big to fail’ problem without emasculating one of our most successful industries.”

But consider the messenger. Rattner, while denying wrongdoing, paid $6.2   million and accepted a two-year ban on associating with any investment adviser or broker-dealer to settle with the SEC over the agency’s claims that he had played a role in a pay-to-play scheme involving a $50,000 contribution to the now-jailed politician who controlled New York   State’s $125 billion pension fund. He’s also expressed unlimited admiration for the Chinese economic system, the largest expression of crony capitalism in history. Expect Rattner to be on hand in September, when Democrats gather in Charlotte, the nation’s second-largest banking city, inside the Bank of America Stadium to formally nominate Obama for a second term.

And on Romney;

Instead, the party nominated (they haven’t yet)  a Wall Street patrician, Mitt Romney, whose idea of populism seems to be donning a well-pressed pair of jeans and a work shirt.

Romney himself is so clueless as to be touting his strong fund-raising with   big finance. His top contributors list reads something like a rogue’s   gallery from the 2008 crash: Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Morgan   Stanley, Credit Suisse, Citicorp, and Barclays. If Obama’s Hollywood friends wanted to find a perfect candidate to play the role of out-of-touch-Wall Street grandee, they could do worse than casting Mitt.

He, sadly is all too right. America is in a bad place. How could these 2 guys, of all the fine leaders we have in this country, be who we are picking from.

What is also sad is that we only have ourselves to blame, and establishment GOP I am looking at you. You had a chance to begin turning this ship of state around by supporting Ron Paul. But you didn’t because you were afraid.

You might have disagreed with his foreign policy, you might have disagreed with his stance on the Fed, but he at least is a man of principal who does not look upon the everyday people of this country with contempt as I think both Obama and Mitt Romney do, but in different ways.

We had a chance to turn back. We had an opportunity, and barring something amazing (which could always happen) we are stuck with 2 men who I don’t think many of us have much confidence in.

We are beyond the days when one could just throw up one’s hands and say, “Hey, what are you gonna do?” on election day. We don’t have this luxury any longer.  This is our country and it’s slipping away.

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