Notice to the TEA Party, The GOP Doesn’t Like You

I’m sorry folks, but those of you who came out in 2010 in sheer frustration. Those of you who held your Gadsden flags high. Those of you who called for a return to Constitutional government? The Republican Party doesn’t like you.

They might say the right words. They may talk about small government. They might acknowledge the TEA Party as an important force. But in the end TEA Party, you are not part of the club. I am here to tell you. You are not welcome.

To be sure part of the decline of the TEA Party has been a split within its ranks. There are those who are uncompromising in their adherence to small government and a strictly Constitutional government. The Ron Paul wing of the TEA Party. And there is a larger part of the TEA Party which is more socially conservative and less fearful of the state in general. They still support the wars overseas, more in line with the broader GOP, and many probably have no problem with Social Security (as they may be or will soon be receiving it.) This is the Sarah Palin wing of the TEA Party.

Somehow even Rick Santorum, who is a big government conservative if there ever was one tried to attach himself to the TEA Party at one point.  His support came from evangelicals who had held the TEA Party at a distance but had no place within Mitt Romney’s GOP. I don’t consider these folks part of the TEA Party at all. More like the Christian Coalition folks without a home.

Whatever faction of the TEA Party, Ron Paul or Sarah Palin, both have been treated badly by the mainstream GOP as of late.

The absolute viciousness with which the neo-conservatives went after Ron Paul during the primary process was disgusting. The fact that the GOP will not allow Ron Paul’s name to come up for nomination on the floor of the convention when it should be allowed to is an extension of this shabby treatment. The fact that the GOP fought to not seat delegates loyal to Paul at the convention, delegates that the party fought to crush during the primaries, is another example of this.  And there are worse examples. Far too many to name.

Ron Paul’s folks have almost gotten used to being treated as black sheep revolutionaries within the party (which frankly they are). But even the softer, friendlier Sarah Palin/Glen Beck wing has been flat out dissed by the establishment as of late. A month ago Dick Cheney called Sarah Palin a “mistake” just in time for the convention.

She may or may not have been, but she surely was not the reason why McCain lost.

The Sarah wing of the TEA Party has also voiced numerous concerns with how the Party is manipulating procedures to keep the grass roots out of the decision making process.

To top it all off the Ron Paul delegates, over 100 of them, are seated in the nosebleed section behind Guam and the Virgin Islands, just to make sure that no Ron Paul signs  find their way in front of the TV cameras at the convention.

Says Congressman Justin Amash, who came into Congress on the 2010 TEA Party tide and who lists his votes on his Facebook page for all to see,

“I think it may be time we audit the RNC [Republican National Committee]” 

Probably not a bad idea.

But the ultimate insult to the TEA Party has to be in this clip where Speaker Boehner, who became Speaker of the House because of the TEA Party tide, said that those who were against TARP are “knuckle draggers.”

Like I said TEA Party, the GOP doesn’t like you.