Surprise, Paul Krugman Doesn’t Like Paul Ryan or Ayn Rand

We’ve given Paul Ryan a pretty hard time since it was announced that he was Romney’s choice for vice president. We have argued that he is not as “small government” as he is portrayed in the #oldmedia.

He’s not.

But he is certainly not the worse choice for VP either.

He irritates the right people at least.

Paul Krugman smells a stealth gold bug in Ryan (which I don’t think he is, though I wish he was) and that is not acceptable. Also unacceptable is Ryan’s affection for the works of Ayn Rand. This is a sin against all that is reasonable and good in Krugman’s eyes.

(From The New York Times)

“And Mr. Ryan is one of those devotees. True, in recent years, he has tried to downplay his Randism, calling it an “urban legend.” It’s not hard to see why: Rand’s fervent atheism — not to mention her declaration that “abortion is a moral right” — isn’t what the G.O.P. base wants to hear.

But Mr. Ryan is being disingenuous. In 2005, he told the Atlas Society, which is devoted to promoting Rand’s ideas, that she inspired his political career: “If I had to credit one thinker, one person, it would be Ayn Rand.” He also declared that Rand’s work was required reading for his staff and interns.”

Click here for Krugman’s column.

(New York Times, 8-23-2012)